Pfutsero is a block headquarters in Phek district of Nagaland, India. It is the highest altitude town and the coldest inhabited place in Nagaland with temperature dropping to below minus zero degree during the nights in winter. It is headed by an ADC and is inhabited by mostly Kuzhas and Chokris. It is a commercially important town as it is in the middle of Phek district. One can see people strolling the streets of Pfutsero for shopping during festive seasons especially during Christmas. It is a Christian town with almost all the locals being Christians, predominantly Baptist, however there are also Roman Catholic, the Pentecost, and Revivalist. The Baptist Theological College in Pfutsero is one of the oldest and among the best Theological Colleges in Nagaland. Pfutsero is rapidly growing to be a tourist destination. The best time to visit is from mid October (harvesting time) to April. The most important festivals of the Khezhas Tsükhenye festival is celebrated in April/May. One can just go down to Pfutsero mi Village which is only about 2.5 km from Pfutsero to witness the excitement of Tsükhenye from 24-27 April as the village celebrates it during this time. Contents Location National Highway 155 passes through Pfutsero. Demographics the 2011 census Pfutsero had a population of 10,371. Education There are several educational institutes in Pfutsero. Some major in educational institutes include: Baptist Theological College Pfutsero College Pfutsero District Institute of Educational Training (DIET) ELLIDE Computer Education Union Christian School Tewelhi Medo Tyrannus Higher Secondary School Nazareth School Chakhesang Mission Higher Secondary School Government Higher Secondary School King David School Woodland School Baptist School Allied Education Academic of Information Technology. Universal Program for computer Education.